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Hi everyone, my name is Connor Yamada and I’m a fourth-year electrical engineering major at the University of Vermont. Welcome to my site!

Some of my hobbies include photography, robotics, and graphic design, all of which I’ve tried to incorporate into this website. When I have the funds, I like to play with microcontrollers like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi and create silly projects. Otherwise, I’ll try and squeeze in some time biking around with my camera or go out exploring the city with friends.

I am currently an incoming Programmer Analyst at AllianceBernstein. In the past I've interned at JWT and Noise as a creative technologist where I helped design and prototype ideas for live, retail, and outdoor installations. It was an awesome chance to meet some great people, and even learn a thing or two about advertising. I’ve also designed some Arduino-based robotics programs for kids for Launch Math.

At school I try and play an active role in the engineering community as the vice president of UVM IEEE. When I'm not trudging through problem sets I’ll spend some time at fencing practice as captain of the men's epee team.

I’m always trying to learn new skills or work on interesting projects, and this site is dedicated to the documentation of my endeavors. I’ll do my best to keep it updated but, chances are, if I haven’t posted anything for a while it’s probably because I’m working on something new. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to either comment directly or send me an email using the contact link above!


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