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New Toys

So I recently got a few new things to play with
Going from left to right:
Neiko 01407A digital caliper for measuring out drills holes and the final pcb for the scoring machine
Samsung 840 pro 256g SSD along with a file restructure to make room for more media
Lastly, a hard drive caddy for the SDD which takes the place of the superdrive in my macbook

  • June 14th, 2013
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Fencing Scoring Machine Sneak Peek 2

Completed the wiring and programmed foil timings! Here’s a quick photo showing the inside:

ATmega Powered Scoring Machine

So as quick sidetrack from all of the web stuff, I thought I’d give a quick preview of my next project. I’m currently working on a fencing scoring machine designed around an ATmega 328. This version won’t have any fancy features like a remote or scoreboard but so far it’s around 1/10th the cost of one of the cheapest commercially available machines. Be on the lookout for a Kickstarter page in the near future!

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