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Citi Bike Key

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but with the creation of a site dedicated to larger projects this website¬†got put on hold.¬†With that in mind, this blog can now finally serve as, well, a blog.

If there’s one thing I really hate it’s carrying things (don’t get me started on physical keys). I already carry my cellphone and wallet wherever I go, and people tell me how cellphones nowadays can do anything… except unlock a Citi Bike. Why the company behind the bikes decided to make the docks and keys frustratingly hard to use is beyond me. So, with my hatred of keys and desire to enable my cellphone to do more things, I created this monstrosity:


I should also mention my hatred of my cellphone case which enabled me to take more destructive measures than I normally would. While the design is far from final it gets the job done. The key itself adds four millimeters to the phone (5 1/2 for the spacer and screw), which is essentially unnoticeable unless you’re holding it in your hand. I printed out a base the approximate size of the key so that it could easily swing out and not hit the edge of the uncut rubber. I then printed out two nubs to prevent the key from swinging freely when in my pocket. Everything was then superglued down or screwed in place. For everyone who’s asked why I have painters tape under my case, you now know why (this wasn’t the first project where I attempted to add to my phone).


Sure it doesn’t look the best, but it works. In the name of being more practical, I can sacrifice a couple millimeters of pocket space. As always, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or tell me how much worse my phone looks.

And visit my new site, if you haven’t already.

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