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The Current Site – Design

After the completion of the second site last summer, change was a long time in the coming. Between the development of each site I had never really tried to progress it. The second site had some sad attempts at blogging, which became too much of a hassle to update in raw html. I didn’t really have enough time to think about redesign until this summer (being unemployed), so I did. I knew some of the elements I wanted the site to have just from what I had remembered while building the second one.

Having some sort of content management was a must as I really wanted an excuse to document the projects I was working on and be able to easily share them. I wasn’t too familiar with the term “content management,” and at one point thought it might be easy to design my own. But in the end I settled with WordPress, which is now the basis for the blog you are currently reading and a topic which I will spend a lot of time covering in the coming posts. But more on that later.

The second important feature I wanted to have was a more fluid-based layout. Working with fixed layouts was much easier in hindsight however, the switch to fluid was one I had been wanting to make for a while. If anything for a learning experience, not necessarily because I think they’re better. Having built the previous site on a fixed layout, I had some trouble trying to rebuild with a fluid mindset. In the end, I think the fluidity as a nice touch to some of the pages (although it’s far from perfect) and is something I’ll definitely consider repeating down the line.

Lastly, I wanted this to be a great learning experience. I told myself I had about a week to screw around in before I really settle down in the job hunt and wanted to make the most of my time. I definitely challenged myself with quite a few of the aspects of this site and, while it was basically completed within five days, I literally did nothing else. For the past week my life has been wake up, code, eat, code, eat, code, and sleep when tired. Mornings became even more subjective than on college weekends. I was hooked. I loved seeing the site come together piece by piece, and getting each and every detail dialed mattered to me. This was the site where I didn’t cut corners or settle for less.

Those three key points drove the development of this site. I started with some basic knowledge of html/css and three things I wanted to accomplish and set out to do just that. Interestingly enough, I also had to design a site in my intro to web design class. The site was on how we can make the world a better place and required a minimum of three pages, some flowchart thing, and a timetable for design. All I wanted to do was start coding, and I did.

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